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Shanghai Liangqin Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2007, as a member company of TOSPO Lighting Co,.Ltd, is one of the core enterprises of TOSPO Lighting to undertake automotive business.

The headquarters of Shanghai Liangqin Industrial Co., Ltd. is located at No. 555, Zhenkang Road, Zhangye Industrial Park, Jinshan District, Shanghai. It covers an area of 37 acres and has a construction area of 30,000 square meters. There is also a wholly-owned company located in Wuhan Jiangxia Jingang Industrial Park.

The company is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of plastic molds, producing all plastic parts and other plastic components on the lamps. Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to the belief that "quality and service are basic, technology and development are fundamental". The company has developed from an injection molding machine into a machine with more than 60 domestic and foreign well-known injection molding machines and more than 10 sets.

A large-scale medium-sized enterprise with a processing center, two UV spraying lines, more than 10 vacuum aluminum plating machines, and various internationally renowned brands of testing instruments.

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    Company was founded in 2007
  • RighInfo002812-02.png
    Building area of 30,000 square meters
  • RighInfo002812-03.png
    Registered capital of 30 million yuan
  • RighInfo002812-04.png
    Total number of employees is about 400
  • RighInfo002812-05.png
    Has more than 60 injection molding machines

Injection molding

The company has domestic mainstream brand single and two-color injection molding machine more than 60 sets. The two-color machine covers tonnage 280T-1700T, The monochrome machine covers the tonnage 90T-1300T.

The 1700T two-color machine is an international famous brand Engel two-color machine. It can install standard molds with different mold thickness and mold opening stroke. The template and the tie rod have zero contact, which perfectly protects the mold. Compared with other brands, the same tonnage has the same cycle. Reduced production by 40%, improved production efficiency, control system with full servo control, optional 2 or 4 station horizontal rotary table, strong adaptability of injection molding products, closed-loop control of template parallelism, no deviation during injection molding, Product quality is stable.

The 550T-280T dual-color machine is a well-known domestic brand Fuqiangxin. The device has full servo closed-loop control. The repeatability of low-voltage and low-flow fields is ±5%, and the weight error of molded products is controlled at 0.4%-0.7%.

Aluminized, coated, chrome plated

There are ten coating machines in the workshop, including three sputtering machines, one optical unit and six evaporation units.

Visible spectrophotometer---- can draw 400-700nm visible wavelength curve;

UV spectrophotometer---- can draw 190-400nm invisible wavelength curve

Spectrophotometer--- Detecting the surface color difference of products;

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber---Detecting the fastness of aluminized aluminum layer;

Dark room---Comprehensive inspection of optical conformity;

Aluminum-plated hardware provides a strong quality guarantee for process products.


Antifog&HC ( Anti-fog and dura mater technology )

The company has two UV light curing coating lines and an anti-fog line, suitable for all kinds of automotive lamps, PVC, plastic sheets, computer keyboards and other painting. Pipeline transmission, the conveying speed is stable and adjustable, convenient for other equipment connection, UV system independent control, according to the number of lamps opened in production, special aluminum-magnesium alloy lampshade, concentrating design, high production efficiency.

After the tempering, the injection molded product is manually applied, and the robot is sprayed with paint. After UV light curing, a layer of super-hard coating is obtained to make the product have anti-aging, scratch resistance, high brightness and high gloss. The car lampshade adds anti-fog coating, effectively avoiding the temperature difference between the steam-off lamp and the outdoor air, and avoiding the light diffusion when the lamp is turned on again!

Mold Processing

It is equipped with eight machining centers, including: three-axis and five-axis. The machining accuracy is 0.01mm and the R angle is 0.087°. The size is ensured in one-time processing during the processing of parts. The project department with many industry experience personnel is strict.

According to the requirements of IATF16949 system, the project management will be carried out according to the plan, and the project will be carried out according to the plan to meet the needs of customers; the inspection department will be equipped with three coordinates, blue light scanner, white light scanner and imager for product inspection.


The company has a 25-meter standard darkroom.

The test items in the darkroom are mainly to exclude external light source interference, and the test items are chromaticity, brightness, and other project darkroom test items derived from the same environmental requirements!





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